Learning to be like THE Father.

So then, be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48

We’ll never reach perfection – but we’re commanded to be perfect. There is no such thing as a “perfect” father here on earth. Our Heavenly Father, however, is perfect in every way and provides a role model for earthly fathers to look up to. As Dads, we carry an amazing responsibility at home, at work, and most importantly the responsibility to be the spiritual leader for our wives and children.

The concept of GodlyDaddy.com is to build a community of men who are like minded when it comes to parenting through a conversation, community, and God’s Word. Our goal is to be a free resource for dads to reference in the good times and the tough times.  In the end, our mission is to help you to be the Best husband to your wife, the Best dad to your children, and the Best servant to your Heavenly Father. So we encourage you to participate, make this site your own, give as much or as little input as you feel comfortable with, and truly strive to be a Godly Daddy.

What to Expect From GodlyDaddy.com?

You should expect a community of fathers that are passionate about their children, their wives, and Christ.  In our Dad Guides you can expect our best attempts at an unbiased approach to fathering with the Bible as our ultimate resource.  In our Author Articles you can expect real stories, learning experiences, and musings based on the real life experiences of our authors.  Mostly, you can expect a bunch of guys that love Christ and want to reflect him to their families and to our world.

What NOT to Expect From GodlyDaddy.com?

This site is not a substitution for counseling or giving any advice. Confessions of a Godly Daddy and its contributors do not assume responsibility for any articles written on or outside of this site.  Any articles should be taken as opinions and thoughts of the individual who composes them.  If you should need counseling or advice we ask that you seek that council of a licensed professional.

Currently, we are not a 501c3 organization and do not accept tax deductible contributions.

GodlyDaddy.com is a free resource for fathers however we do have expenses.
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