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Silence Satan

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From time to time, I love to review the books that I read that I want to share with you. It is rare that I get to know the author in a one-on-one friendship, but this is one time that I can say that.

Kyle Winkler is a dynamic speaker who is dedicated to share the love of Christ to a world who is in need of His love more and more everyday. He recently released the book Silence Satan. Kyle talks about the different strategies to silence the attacks of the enemy. Speaking about his own life’s experience, he recalls of a time when he was battling with thoughts of worthlessness and identity crisis. God, through His word, led Kyle to the road of peace in showing him ways to Silence Satan.

In the beginning, Kyle reveals that strategy and the set up of the enemy’s tactic to cause you to think that you could never amount to the love and grace of God. He helps bring you to a place of victory, talking about the the blood of the Lamb that takes over the tactics of the enemy.

From this point, Kyle takes his new app into place to living in a place of victory. Kyle takes the practical application of the Word of God to defeat the enemy of his attempts to take the believer out. In the final chapters, Kyle reveals the complete armor of God which is the uniform of the righteous. I found it to be extremely important to talk about the armor of God for the believer because we, as a general term, do not completely understand where we stand before God.

Kyle also pinpoints the voice of truth.  So often, as believers,  we hear the voice of defeat more than we have heard the voice of truth. Kyle reveals the true voice of God. So often, we see God as this big monstrous creature in the sky who is ready to pound us at our every sin. The Voice of Truth tells us that God is crazy about us and desires to see us succeed.

Kyle finishes up this great book with the introduction of The Shut Up Devil! App.  Kyle reveals the vital importance to speaking the word of God towards the tactic of the enemy using the story of Jesus and His temptation in the desert.

The Shut Up Devil app is available for free on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

William Howell

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